The reason most businesses invest in a warehouse management system is to increase sales. Increasing profits is the ultimate goal – and how you get there is critical when choosing a WMS.  You don’t earn more simply by selling more – you earn more by selling faster and accurately. That is where Stonehenge Solutions comes in. We will sit down with you and learn your business. This will allow us to determine what system will best benefit your organization. What sets Stonehenge Solutions apart from other firms is we Do Not work for or represent any WMS company. We will not push a product onto you. We work with you to get you the best possible match for what Your company needs.


The right WMS will give you complete visibility of your inventory. You will know exactly what’s in stock, where it’s located, and when it needs to be replenished – all in real time. A WMS promotes cross-training among warehouse functions, eliminating the need for “tribal knowledge.”


Improved Customer Service

Your warehouse is integral to your customers’ buying experience. Is the product your customer needs in stock? Will customers get what they ordered, when and where they need it? For businesses using a WMS properly, the answer is yes. By improving picking accuracy, shipments are done right the first time. Consistent error-free shipments mean happy and loyal customers.

With WMS you can:


Increased Productivity

Businesses using a WMS have found that real-time warehouse management allows existing warehouse personnel to pick and ship out more orders in less time. The system also gives them better inventory control so they can stock more of what’s selling and cycle out “aged” inventory.  Labor costs are reduced while fulfillment rates are increased. Cycle counting will allow real time inventory corrections and allow your customers to order with confidence. The increased efficiency levels you gain will allow your existing workforce to pick/receive more inventory at a faster rate while lowering errors. This will allow you to effectively manage your employees and enable them to be successful.